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How To Make A Movie In Class

What You Need:

  • Flip Camera or Video Camera
  • MacBook or iMac
  • iMovie
  • Handbrake
  • Someone to Film You
  • Green Screen (If You Need It)
  • Quiet Place To Work
  • A microphone


What To Do:
Go to the place you are filming. Get the Flip Camera and turn it on. Then start filming. Once you have filmed plug your camera into the computer. Make a new folder and drag the footage into the folder. Once you have done that go into Handbrake and convert the files. Then once you have converted the files open iMovie. Once you have opened iMovie drag the footage in. Now you have to edit the movie by dragging your mouse over the area you don’t need then press delete. Then you put transitions in by going to the rectangle with 4 triangles in it. You click on it and then choose your transition and then drag it to the place you want it. Then if you need it you can put in text with cool affects then you can transfer it to iTunes and it will be like a proper movie. It will look great! And then you’re done! By Steph & Emily - Grade 6

Movie Poem

The happiness of making a movie is equivalent to 75 lollypops. The creativity of 3 movies is equivalent to 1 painting by Picasso. To make a real movie, it costs about $125,000,000!!! To make on an imovie is FREE! With 2/3 of the ability required. You have to be about 25 years of age minimum to make a movie, on iMovie 6 or 5 years of age minimum. iMovie has green screen, maps, music, moving photos, transitions and more the list goes on. You can make the screen old, new, twice as fast or even backwards. You can make a cowboy, pirates in the forest or in out of space. iMovie’s just great. By Will – Grade 6




Things we are doing in iMovie include adding special effects, trimming the clip, the green screen, which is something we have been focusing a lot on, picture in picture and transitions. We can have two pictures or two clips in one clip, we use a green screen to do news reports. We have also been learning how to add special effects like increase or decrease the contrast, brightness, saturation and other things in iMovie. We have learnt how to film with the correct lighting, and have the correct song to match the tone of the movie. Colour correction is also something, which we think is really cool to do. You can have one part of the clip in a different colour for example; we might have a normal background but then we can change it to be black and white and we can have one bit of the film in red. Podasting is something that we have been emphasising on a lot, it means we can have a picture or a clip and we can mute it and have a voice over on the top of the clip, which is a really cool effect. By Cherry - Grade 6


Today we played with the iPad. We played games, music and videos.
My favourite game was Snail Mail because it was funny, fun and cool.
These were the games I played; Plants Vs Zombies and Simpsons.
I wish that I had an iPad, they’re fun to play with. By Zoe – Grade 2



Experience with the Camera!

Your experience with this camera is not like any normal kind of camera it is more interesting and it takes very high quality pictures, the features on this camera is you can change lens. Where you can change it by pressing a little button to release the lens. And my favourite is the photo you half press the button down and make sure the red little dots are flashing on your focus, which makes the background blurry and makes the main focus sharp and makes the focus stand out from the rest of the photo. This makes the photo a high quality photo. They come out really amazing. There are short lens and long lens, the short lens it makes it look like you are far away and the long lens makes it look like you are really close up so you need to be a fair bit back. When I first got the camera to take pictures at a little concert at school, my teacher explained how to use it. At first it was a little hard but ever since I was using the camera a lot I am pretty good at it. My favourite is the long lens it’s a lot easier to use for me, other people have other opinions but I think for other people the short lens would most likely be easier to use but that’s me. One of my tasks set was with the new Apple iPad, we needed to go around the school taking photos of people with the new iPads it was pretty awesome. Ever since the first day I held this camera I loved the experience and I was really glad I was picked to do the job of taking pictures and some of them were pretty amazing. I love this camera! By Tamara - Grade 6