The Guitarist

My instrument has six strings. It can be acoustic or electric. You can use all types of effects on an amplifier, which you use for an electric guitar. But you need a lead to plug it in. It is a very good instrument and is sometimes easy to learn. You can get it up to twelve strings and the least amount of strings you can get is four. There is also another type of guitar called the bass. It is a four string but the strings are different, they’re thicker and deeper. I am 11 years old I have been playing guitar for four years. I learnt all of my stuff off my Dad. ACDC inspired me to play guitar. This experience has been great to show my talent and it’s a good opportunity to play in a band and to work with others.

The Drummer

My instrument is the drums; it has various parts each that make a different sound.
It is fun to play and learn. I’m 12 years old and my favourite bands are Dream Theatre and Rush.
This experience has been an amazing thing for me. I can’t wait for further experiences and further chances to perform.

The Guitarist

My instrument comes in acoustic and electric. You can also get a bass guitar which has 4 thick strong strings which makes a deeper sound. The two are popular but different in every way. The electric is the Gibson guitar and the Fender guitar. The Fender is for blues or calm music or reggae the Gibson is for heavy metal or punk rock or metal. As you know I play guitar. My Dad has taught me how to play guitar over three years. I have improved each time I practice. My experience for guitar and all other musical instruments is high. I play bass guitar and drums. I have been in a rock band two years straight and have been the bass guitarist in the first year and lead in the second.

The Vocals

Hey! My role in the band is a singer along side my two other friends that are also singers in the band. I also play an instrument and it is guitar, which I have been playing for the past 3 years. The band was put together for the grade 5/6 Movie, and in the band are grades sixes from different grades. We are learning the song “Dancing In The Streets” by Martha And The Vandellas. We also are going to make a music video, which includes dancing (I’m not really sure about that one…), and Costumes. We’re going to get new stuff for that too, which should be fun! The band has also taken a lot of time out of the classroom practicing and getting ready to record. The experience so far has been really good because I really love things involving music and this band the perfect for my passion! While we were practicing there has been a lot of interviews being taking place and a lot of photos being taken. I am really excited about making the music video and recording as well. I think that everything is going to turn out great… I can’t wait until we have completed everything to see all our hard work paid off.

The Keyboard

My instrument is a keyboard, it has a number of various keys, both black and white. It has a lot of effects and you can play lots of other instruments on it as well. It is a very useful thing to learn how to play and it could be very easy sometimes. There are electric keyboards, grand pianos, electric pianos and more. I play the piano and I am in my school rock band. I am house captain in my school. I am in grade 6. This experience has been a wonderful opportunity to show others what I can do. It has been really fun doing this whole rock band thing, its been awesome with all the interviews and photos and really looking forward to what’s next.

The Vocals

Hey I do singing. I sing with a microphone. A microphone is black, tall, and round. Singing is a great thing to do. It lets you show your talent out to the whole world. I also play the Piano. Piano is a great and a incredible instrument to play. I play Piano in Rock band. Rock band is like different people play their own instrument and come to rock band to play and learn the song that needs to be played. These are the songs that I have been taught and played ‘I Gotta Feeling’ and ‘It’s a Long Way to the Top’. But I was picked to sing and I am like “Oh sweet”. I sing with two other girls, we sing really well together. In closing I just want to say that this is a really great experience to sing and I am thank for to Mr. May and Mr. Taylor for picking me to sing.

The Bass

Hi, I play guitar in the school band. We are a band of 8 and we all play very well. I feel good that I got chosen for this band. We are learning heaps and are still to learn more. It is exiting because we are experiencing stuff that people don’t get to experience until their early twenties. We are learning cords that we never knew existed and having fun along the way. Most days we are wishing that we will get called in for rock band because we know the fun we will have and the things we will learn. I am looking forward to recording it will be fun. I am proud to play guitar for the school band and I always will be.

The Vocals

Lynbrook Primary School has given me the opportunity to sing in a band and do awesome things including working and learning more and more on our ICT skills. Every time I sing it’s like I’m in my own world, no body, no person can stop me from doing what I love... Singing. I really feel as if sometimes that I’m the only thing that matters and at times it brings back memories and I just laugh or sometimes I cry because that song is like a movie when I sing I close my eyes and there’s the movie. The reason I loved singing was because of my nanny she would take me to church and we would be one of the first people to be at church we would set the equipment with all of our friends and just have some fun and sing I would be singing while they set up and sing until church started. She taught me how to sing she inspired me to start. Every day I would listen to her sing but know she just listens to me. I started at the age of around four, I guess every time I see a video of a song I kind of understand what it’s about and feel what their singing about and imagine it was me. I close my eyes and kind of understand what the story is behind the song. Singing is a part of me and I love it. Singing is my passion and hobby when I’m bored I always sing until I can’t sing anymore and Lynbrook has given me the freedom to do that. Singing runs through the family my great Grandmother still sings and she is 76 as well as my uncle and he is around the age of 50-55 we all love to sing and we know it’s something that will go on for a life time!

The Photos and Video

All of the photos and video used for the production of the "Dancing In The Street" video and for the "Behind the Scenes" have been taken by two amazing young photographers in Grade 6. The girls have maintained all of the regular work load and found time and been dedicated enough to produce some fantastic media for the school to celebrate.

Congratulation on your brilliant effort and very high quality video and photos. Well Done!